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As we mentioned earlier, July 31st an MMA international championship was held in Sydney's Olympic park sport complex. The Colombian team, with the sponsorship of Tawi Travel, took part in this important event. The Colombian new star Andres Galindo from Bogota won in the 4 minute fight against Steve Oliver, New Zealand's 2-time Jiu Jitsu champion. Our congratulations to Andres. We hope this victory will be a determining force for the development of this sport in Colombia.

Тави Тревел поддерживает спортWe are now sponsors of a Colombian team of Mixed Martial Arts. Colombian sportsmen, members of CFC Colombian Fedeamm, will take part in a Martial Arts Championship taking place on July 17 in Bogota, and then will participate in Australia’s most exciting Cage event which will be headlined by fighters from Australia and New Zealand taking on American opponents on Saturday, July 31st at Sydney Olympic Park.
All of the fights will be transmitted on Fox Sports TV Channel and all of the main Australian channels.
One of the principal members of the Colombian team is Ivan Andreas Galindo.
More information about the event can be seen at this link.

отдых за границейSea Voyages along the Colombian pacific are now much more comfortable thanks to the new Catamaran “Nemo” Diving Tours. Simply exotic trips to Gorgon and Malpelo islands, and sea cruises boarding on the coast have been available since 2010.

The ship provides all necessary comforts and has capacity for 12 passengers, with a minimum quantity of 9.

The length of Nemo is 82 ft

Motor: 2x200 Yanmar.

Tripulation: 7, including naturalist - dive master

The ship is equipped with everything nesessary for diving, including 2 compressors for Nitrox

Besides these features, it has 8 cabins (6 double rooms and 2 double deck bedrooms), each with private bathrooms and hot water.

It has a terrace, solarium, two dining rooms, and a chef (serving local and international food).

The ship can be rented as a charter or individually. However, the minimum number for groups of people is 9.

прогулки на катамаранеVoyages on “Nemo” can start from Buenaventura port, Guapi port or another point.

Upcoming trips planned for 2010-2011 are: 

May 7 to 13,

June 4 to 10,

July 2 to 8 , 

August 10 to 16,

Sept 17 to 23,

Oct 22 to 28,

Nov 12 to 18,

Dec 26 to Jan 1st

Jan 5 to 11

Feb 8 to 14 and  Feb 18 to 24.

Прокат мотоцикловThe best guarantee of safety on Colombian roads is the option of renting KTM 640 Adventure motor bikes.

We offer

200 km /day free 

SOAT insurance

Guide with bike

Uniform rental (jacket, helmet)

Pick-up with mechanical support

GPS with Routing rental

We will organize the route according to your needs.

Right now we offer 6 bikes. You can use them in all Colombian territory. There is an option to include the territory of Ecuador and Peru, and if you are finishing your route in Peru, the motorcycles can be left in Lima.

Наши гости в кофейном регионеНаши гости в кофейном регионеThis April during the bilateral intergovernmental  Russian-Colombian commission,  Colombia was visited by two representatives of Russian Touristic Business - the advisor to the executive director of the Association of Russian Tour Operators, Yuri Schegolkov and the director of VSK Tour, Yuri Kuznetsov.

With the support of our company and the Colombian organization Proexport, our guests had the opportunity to visit Bogota, the coffee region, and Cartagena.

In the coffee region they visited Coffee Park, a butterfly garden, Cocora Valley, and the traditional coffee farms -  haciendas. They also got the opportunity to “work” as “chapoleros harvesting coffee crops."

In Cartagena they felt all the magic of this Caribbean pearl, walked along it’s colonial streets and learned the hotel base of the city.

Colombia is expecting a tourist boom in the near future, and Russian tourists will be the most precious guests, and they will be many. This is the summary of this short but fruitful visit.

By the invitation and a sponsorship support of Tawi Travel, the film crew of the TV Channel Rossiya will visit Colombia again in August . This time the journalists, together with Vladislav Zavyalov - the host of the TV program “Good Morning, Russia!”, will go to the Caribbean island of San Andres, will be shown how to dance salsa in Cali, will see by their own eyes what the flower fair in Medellin means, and will talk to Bogota’s mayor Samuel Moreno at Sunday's traditional "ciclovia”. 

Their reports and films soon to come!

From March 18 to 21, 2009, Tawi Travel company was participating again in the International Tourist Exhibition in Moscow.  There were an enormous quantity of visitors interested in the development of Colombia as the new tourist direction, both to our own stand and to the stand of the Colombian organization Proexport - which participated in the exhibition for the first time, and where Tawi Travel was also represented.

The participation of Colombia in the exhibition generated a huge interest from visitors, especially because the country abolished visa requirements for Russian tourists. Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh tour-operators and the representatives of tourist agencies are more and more interested in both the tourist routes and different, nonstandard options of leisure, for example tracking, diving, and rally.  So, the year promises a notable increase of the tourist flow into Ccolombia. At the end of exhibition, together with Moscow tour-operator Deotravel, we organized the seminar for the managers of  tourist agencies which is dedicated to the new visa-free directions of Latin America, in which more than 20 representatives of tourist business participated.

So, this year promises to be successful in every way, and Colombia will undoubtedly become a favorite destination for Russian tourists. It worth of it.

 By the invitation of Colombian organization “PROEXPORT”, and also with the assistance of the office of the Vice President of republic Colombia,    the film crew of television channel “Russia”, together with Vladislav Zavyalov, who carries on TV program “Good morning, Russia!”, visited many interesting places in Colombia. Here you can look through the photographs, taken during a stay of our guests.

In order to continue the tradition successfully initiated in the previous year, this year Tawi Travel will participate in the exhibition “MITT- 2009," which will take place on March 18 -  22 in the Expocentre of Moscow.

Our stand F008 is in the pavilion forum.

So, we are await all of you who love Colombia irrevocably, all who were there before, and also for those who would like to visit and see for themselves and show it to others.

Earlier the name of this country, for the majority of people, was associated with the myths, the cocaine barons, the action movies, and the mystical Eldorado. But now many people, at the sound of word "Columbia," think about liposuction, silicone breasts, and tightening of the face.

Plastic surgery clinics are scattered around the country and are frequented by thousands of foreign citizens who arrive especially to improve their appearance during vacation. People are attracted by the low prices, good service, and high level of professionalism by the physicians.

The well-developed network of medical establishments is considered to be the prerequisite for such an influx of foreign patients. And they, in turn, arose because Columbians themselves in recent years have been paying much more attention to their appearance, and thus the demand for plastic surgery rapidly rose.