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Source: www.votpusk.ru. 2007

Colombia's Minister of Tourism, Louis Guillermo Plata, reported the creation of a fund for the development of tourist projects in some regions of the country. This project, which possesses an initial capital exceeding 5 billion pesos (2.5 million dollars), will begin to function in the middle of this year. For the advancement of Colombia in the tourist market, in the future about 10 million American dollars will be invested. As for the building of new hotels, the minister reported that there are more than 12 projects in the hotel sector, mainly in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena. Such networks of hotels as Dann, Holiday Inn, Decameron, Marriott, Hilton and only beginning hotel  networks, such as Windsor, Morrison and Habitel, were named. 
In 2007 1.,2 million foreign tourists visited Colombia.
It is assumed that in 2008 this number will increase by 15%. Also, last year the country accepted 99 cruises with 126 thousand tourists. A considerable increase in similar forms of leisure is expected in 2008.