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Dear friends

 We propose a journey throughout Colombia and some of its routes. Our firm, Tawi Travel, is situated in Bogota.

Our purpose is to introduce to you this region, which for the majority of tourists is still “terra incognita,” inseparably connected in the consciousness of people with the danger of thefts, drug mafia, etc.

This negative image was formed 20 years ago, and since then it has been actively discussed in the media. Today the situation has radically improved, mostly because of the active government's actions. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism set as its goal for the next 2-3 years to turn Colombia into a tourist destination of world-class level. There are not many countries in the world which can boast of such a wide variety of nature, climate, folklore, and culture. We are the first tourist company to seriously put Colombia on the market for tourist services.

All proposed routes shown here are safe for tourists. But since the country still has some illegal militarized groups, it is better to follow the guides’ instructions, not to detour from official routes, not to travel alone into regions of armed conflict, and to observe all personal safety measures. Then, we guarantee that your stay will be pleasant.