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Colombia is one of the best places in the world for quality and variety of plastic and aesthetic operations. Furthermore, relative efficiency and a high level of post-operative restoration attracts patients from many countries of the world, including the USA, Spain, Italy, and even Brazil, which is known as the native land of cosmetic surgery.
TAWI TRAVEL presents one of the most prestigious clinics in Colombia which offers services of such operations. The clinic was created in 1994 under the name of Colombo – the Brazilian plastic surgery clinic, under the management of doctor Danilo Cardenas.  

In 2002, because of increased needs and popularity, the clinic was extended and new kinds of service were added. In particular, a Dental Spa which specializes in stomatology and smile design together with such procedures as relaxing massage, air purification, and acupuncture which completely change our idea that stomatology is a painful process. Furthermore, the clinic has a department available that specializes in pre- and post- operative treatment and a nutrition department.

Danilo Cardenas Lesmes is a member of the Colombian Association of Plastic Surgeons for face and hands, a member of INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AESTETIC SURGERY (IPRAS), and a member of the Ibero-Latino-American Federation of Plastic Surgery. In 1983 he graduated from the university of Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Senora del Rosario with a specialization in medicine. In 1990 he finished post-graduate coursework with a specialty in general surgery at the university of the state in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in 1994 he finished post-graduate coursework with a specialty in plastic surgery at the same university in Rio de Janeiro. Subsequently, he has worked in state and private clinics in Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, and in the Meta department on directive posts. At this moment he is one of the co-owners and a practicing doctor at the Antiguo Country Clinic. He constantly takes part in Colombian and foreign conferences.



Tariffs include:  Tariffs do not include:      Additional expenditures:
  • Operating-room
  • Assistants' fees
  • Nurse
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Implants (mammoplastic and gluteoplastic)
  • Post-surgical ward
  • Basic surgical medications
  • Doctor's fees
  • Laboratory and pathologic analyses
  • Hospitalization (if necessary in special cases)
  • Donor blood (if the patient will need it during or after operation)
  • Post-operative medications
  • Corsets, etc
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Consultation with the dietition in case of liposuction
  • Laboratory 
  • Post-operative therapy (by arrangement)
  • Corsets (upon need)
  • Brassieres for breast operations
  • Medications by doctor's prescription
  • Stay
  • Food


The proposed operations:

Frontoplastia - the tightening of the forehead skin
Blefaroplastia interior - blefaroplasticof the lower eyelid
Blefaroplastia superior - blefaroplastic of upper eyelid
Blefaroplastia interior and superior - blefaroplastic of lower and upper eyelids
Frontoblefaroplastia inferior and superior - - the tightening of the forehead skin and plastic of the eyelids
Bichectomia - the decrease of the volume of the cheek areas
Mentoplastia - the correction of chin form
Otoplastia - the plastic of the external ear
Rinoptastia – the plastic of nose
Ginecomastia - gynecomastia
Mama de aumento - an increase of the mammary glands
Lipo de papada – the liposuction of the chin
Lipo de papada + of bichectomia - the liposuction of chin - the decrease of the volume of the cheek areas
Lifting  Faciall (Ritidoplastia) - ritidoplastic-  the lifting of the skin of face and neck
Liposuction – the liposuction
Liposuction + Rev. cicatriz – the liposuction + the correction of the scars
Liposuction + Rinoplastia – the liposuction + rhinoplastic
Liposuction + Mama de aumento - the liposuction + an increase of the mammary glands
Liposuction + Frontoplastia - the liposuction + the tightening of the forehead skin
Dermolipectomia - dermolipektomia
Liposuction + Dermolipectomia - the liposuction + of dermolipektomia
Liposuction + Mamopexia - the liposuction + mamoleksia (the elimination of mammary glands dipping)
Mama de reduccion – the decrease of the mammary gland
Liposuction + Pexia + Dermo - the liposuction + peksiya + dermolipektomia
Liposuction + Dermo + M.A. - the liposuction + dermolipektomia + an increase of the mammary glands
Liposuction + Dermo + Blefar - the liposuction + dermolipektomia + blefaroplastic
Gluteoplastica - the plastic of buttock areas


The clinic also offers these aesthetic procedures and service at the Spa Center:


Facial Procedures:     Other procedures:   
  • skin cleaning 
  • intense moisture    
  • micro-dermatopillin
  • rejuvenation without operation  
  • intensive tonification      
  • laser photo-rejuvenation      
  • removal of spots and acne  


  • antitcellulite oxygen enrichment
  • tightening of breast and buttocks
  • vacuum therapy
  • radio-frequent therapy
  • carboksitherapy
  • cryo-therapy   
  • ultrasonic rejuvenation  


  • electrical stimulation
  • procedures for figure correction
  • healthy nourishment  
  • laser photo-depilation 


Spa Packages:

  • Weight correction
  • package check-up
  • initial consultation
  • complete body analysis
  • nutrition recommendations
  • procedures
  • Body scrub
  • Lymphodrainage - 6
  • Reductive massage - 3
  • Carboksitherapy-6
  • Ultrasound 4


package “life and health”:

  • Detoxs of body
  • initial consultation
  • complete body analysis
  • Beauty check
  • procedures
  • 6 bioenergetic sessions + 6 sessions of lymphodrainage
  • 2 sessions of hydropathy + aromatherapy
  • 3 sessions of chromomudtherapy
  • Dermopilling with moisturization