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Департамент АмазонияAmazonia is situated on the south of the country, on the east it is bordered by Brazil, on the West, Peru. It is washed by waters of rivers Apaporis, Kaketa, Putumayo and Amazon. The mean temperature is 24 degrees. The climate is hot and moist. For visitors a yellow fever vaccine is required.  

It  is possible to get there by plane to Leticia city – the capital of the department.

Leticia city is the epicentre of the Amazonian tourist industry. From 1867 until 1922, the city belonged to Peru. 
Leticia has sufficiently developed tourist and commercial infrastructure because of the fact that it is located on the joint of 3 borders - Colombia, Brazil and Peru. The population is multinational.
In Leticia you can visit the serpentarium and the ethnographical museum - “man of the Amazon”.

Экскурсии в ЛетисииExcursions from Leticia. 
From Leticia it is possible to make excursions throughout the Amazon jungle. The Amazon begins in the Peruvian Andes and flows to the Atlantic Ocean.

In November and July, the river overflows and floods part of the jungle - this gives the possibility of fish leaving their usual territory, so you will be able to canoe between the trees and watch the fishes and the reptiles. 

An excursion by motor boat or launching from Leticia Puerto Narino.
The duration is 2 hours, during which you will be able to see for yourselves the beauty of the jungle and watch the life of the river and its inflows.

 The National park Amacayacu. 
It is 20 minutes by the boat from Puerto Narino. The park is in the centre of Amazon trapezoid and 468 species of feathered, 150 species of mammals, 12 species of primates and enormous quantities of reptiles dwell there. In the park there are settlements of the Indian tribes Tikuna, who will gladly introduce you to their way of life. 

Monkey Island is in the middle of the Amazon, 40 km from Leticia. Here one can watch the life of monkeys. 
It is also possible to make the staggering day and night excursions into the jungle into the Indian villages Tikuna or Uitoto, and to take part in their rituals.

During the trip to Tarapoto lake, you will be able to watch the Amazon fresh-water pink dolphins. 
A trip to Santa Rosa is by the Peruvian side. There is much bird-watching. 

A trip to the Brazilian side, Tabatinga or Gamboa.


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