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 ЛангустThe beach hotel Isla del Pirata – is  not very big club hotel – island, situated in 45 min. from Cartagena, nearby the oceanarium and Baru island. The exotic eco - architecture, the cleanest water, white sand, coral reef are in the immediate proximity from the island. The hotel has available 12 comfortable bungalos, decorated in the traditional Caribbean style – among them there are 2 suite numbers, 4 junior suite and 6 standart. Also in the hotel there is their own transport from Cartagena and back, for 30 and 50 people, their own piers and beaches with the cleanest water and white sand. Hotel allows the services of snorkel and diving. There are jaunts to the islands of archipelago. The private parties, wedding ceremonies in the tropical style, and summer  camp may be organized. The own chief-cook supplies meal. The hotel is suitable ideally for calm relax leisure, for leisure with the group of friends or relatives, for the honey moon, and also for the one-day visit.

 The beach hotel at Punta Faro is a small hotel-resort located in the San Bernardo archipelago which consists of 8 islands that are also national parks with one of the largest coral reefs at the Caribbean coast. It is located 2 hours from Cartagena (40 nautical miles) in the surrounding Caribbean view - clean sea, snowy-white beaches, and coral reefs. In the archipelago you will not find the traditional large and noisy hotels, only small comfortable hotels of the eco-lodge type and fishing hamlets, which do not disturb the original beauty and the rest of these places.
пейзаж острова ФароIsland Faro landscapePresent Caribbean design (without many luxuries, but with taste and in harmony with nature), and the comfortable domestic atmosphere, attention, and benevolence of personnel will make a real holiday of rest, sea, and sun for your stay. The convenient rooms are equipped with air conditioners and exotic furniture. Excellent diverse cuisine is found in the comfortable restaurant, and a Swedish table at the seashore offers suppers in the most romantic areas of the hotel such as the comfortable hall of leisure. The entire atmosphere tunes into relaxation for the body and soul. The hotel has 40 comfortable superior rooms for 2 and 5 people, luxe rooms for 2, and luxe rooms with a sea view for 2 people, all decorated in the traditional Caribbean style and featuring air conditioning, a mini-bar and a terrace.
комната отеля "Habitacion Madera"The beach hotel Punta FaroThe hotel also offers transport from Cartagena and back for 10, 22 and 36 people, their own pier, gardens, and a beach with the cleanest water and white sand. It is possible to practice such forms of sport as snorkeling, windsurfing, jet skiing, catamaran, kayaking, and diving courses. There are also fields for micro-football and beach volleyball. The hotel is ideally suited for calm leisure, with a group of friends or relatives, for honeymoons, and also for short-term visits.

 During this journey you will be able to gauge the merit of the beauty and variety of the Colombian Atlantic coast: from the jungle and the splendid virgin beaches to the pirate romantics, cacti in the desert, and bright indigenous culture. The trip can be arranged according to your wishes, beginning in Santa Marta or Cartagena and moving north to the very northern point of South America, Cape la Vela. 

Upon arrival to Cartagena you will be able to do a city tour and will become acquainted with the local sights, such as Fort San Felipe, the monastery La Popa, and the museum of the inquisition, where a collection of instruments of torture is stored. You will be able to take a walk to the fortress walls which protected the city from pirate attacks, and you will see the old city and its unique colonial style, including the monument to the Worn Out Boots and the monument to the Indian girl Catalina. You will be given the possibility of leisure at the snowy-white beaches of Rosario, and a visit to the oceanarium, where you will see the dolphin show, and feed sharks and marine tortoises. The noisy beaches of Cartagena, a Chiva ride (an open and very merry bus), discos, and souvenirs from our agency are awaiting you.

During a stay in Santa Marta, you will have a tour of the museum-home La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, where the liberator of 5 countries of Latin America, Simon Bolivar, died; you will visit the national park Tayrona, make the hike into the moist jungle to the beaches of Playa Cristal and Neguangue, and take a walk to the Valencia waterfall and Buritaca river.

During the trip to the peninsula La Guajira, it is possible to visit the Cerrejon and to get to know the process of coal–extraction in the world’s biggest opened coal-mine. You can visit the port Bolivar and Wayuu-Uribia settlements, see the process of sea salt production on the solonchaks of Manaure and, finally, visit Cabo de la Vela, the desert cape where you will spend the night in hammocks in the “rancheriya” (indigenous cabins) on the sea shore. You will climb to the white cliff, Pylon de Asukar. According to legend, the souls of dead persons rise into the parallel world from there. At night a bonfire will be arranged with a typical native supper of spiny lobsters, marine fish, and goats meat, prepared by indigenous people themselves. Dances under the moon on the beach to the sound of drums awaits you. Exceptionally bright dresses without semitones, the system of clans and castes, matriarchy and polygamy, surprising legends and the beliefs of these friendly people - you will see all this in the peninsula. Guajira is the largest native reservation in the country. The Wuayuu have lived there since pre-Spanish times.  If you are lucky you will arrive at the time of the pink flamingo migration and will be able to watch the splendid spectacle of millions of these birds in the Los Flamencos Preserve.