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Floating house

 During the journey you will be able to enjoy Amazonia fully, as your home will be a floating house which is located in the middle of a river in the mouth of the Amazon inflow - river Amakayyaku. It’s 2 hours from Leticia. The house has an approximate speed of 5 km/hour. In the house 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children can live comfortably.

The floating house has:

  •     1 room witha bed for two, a toilet with a shower (hot water)
  •     2 sofas-beds
  •     10 hammocks on the terrace
  •     a kitchen with electric and gas stove, refrigerator, kitchen accessories, coffee pot, blender and mixer
  •     20 liter supply of water
  •     satellite telephone
  •     first-aid kit
  •     electricity
  •     solar batteries

You will be able to make trips to the Amazon, enjoying the excellent views, sunrises and sunsets from the terrace of the floating house, and delightful comfort along the jungle. You will visit the national park Amakayyaku, where you will see the ecosystem of the Amazon jungle, the gigantic plant,  Victoria Regia, splendid pink dolphins, and also caimans, monkeys and other inhabitants of from the animal world. You will be able to admire the jungle from the platforms' height. Fastened to 30 meter trees, you will go along the hanging bridges above the abyss, making the giddy flight over the canopy. You will be able to swim in the Tarapoto lakes, try Amazon fruits and fish, learn the way of life of native tribes, and many other things. Also, you will make trips along the river into the depths of the jungle on peque-peque - small motor boats.

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Tayrona National Park is an enormous preserved territory made of 12,000 acres adjacent to the health resort city Santa Marta on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. There you’ll see the green, moist jungle and sandy beaches hidden in secluded bays, untouched nature and underwater worlds, more than 100 species of animals and birds, and archaelogical monuments from the pre–Columbus cultures of Tayrona. There are settlements of the Kogy natives, rivers which begin in the Sierra Nevada mountains and descend to the sea. The leisure in Tayrona park is for those who like to live among nature, in tents or eco-lodges. It is for those who love the absence of noise, crowds, and prefer birds’ singing, and horseback or bicycle rides.

It is possible to reach from the city Santa Marta - 45 minutes by car.

(5 days, 4 nights)
This is the tour for those who are tired of noisy cities and expensive health resorts, who dream of leisure far from civilization.  Between the sea and the jungle on the Pacific Ocean shore, Nuki is a small hamlet in Tribuga bay (department of Choco). It is better to arrive between July and October if you want to see the impressive gigantic YUBARTA, or humpback whales, and between May and June if you are interested in sport fishing. The Pacific Ocean is one of the most exotic routes in Colombia - a real paradise for ornithologists, naturalists, and fishermen. There are only virgin beaches with dark volcanic sand, stones in the most whimsical forms and colors, and wild tropical jungle with waterfalls and rivers.

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  This tour is for those who dream about leisure far from civilization. Between the sea and the jungle on the Pacific Ocean shore, Baiha Solano is a real adventure for those who love nature with jungle, desert beaches, sport fishing, and diving. The Pacific Ocean is one of the most exotic routes in Colombia. There are small hamlets on the ocean shore, with the predominant black and native population (Embera tribe). There are only virgin beaches, stones of the most whimsical forms around and the second most significant jungle on the planet (after the Amazon), with the richest ecosystem.


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 The Nature Ecotour Program (8 days, 7 nights, throughout the year)

Tourists profile: suitable for all ages, lovers of nature, calm leisure. 



It includes:

  • ground-based transfer airport - hotel - airport on jeeps
  • a stay in the bungalos with bathroom
  • 3 meals a day

   Excursions in the program:

  • hike into the Almejal preserve
  • ground-based excursion into the natural aquariums
  • rafting along Tundo river
  • excursion on boat to the national park Ensenada de Utriya
  • expedition into the settlement of the native Embera tribe
  • excursion by boat to the Tigris waterfalls
  • acquaintance with the way of life of the local residents of Vale village
  • visit to the Almejal viewing ground
  • CD with the folklore music of the department of Choco  
  • hotel insurance.

It does not include: flight Bogota - Medellin - Baiha Solano - Medellin - Bogota, airport tax in Baiha Solano (about $4), entrance to the Utriya Preserve (approximately $11), additional expenses and services not stipulated in this program

 Adrenaline and Adventure Ecotour (8 days, 7 nights; throughout the year)

Tourist profile: suitable for all ages, but mainly people in good sporting shape, extreme sport amateurs, adventurers.

It includes: ground-based transfer airport - hotel - airport by jeeps, a stay in a bungalo with bathroom, 3 meals per day, excursions:

  • hiking into the Almejal preserve,

  • tracking in the jungle,

  • kayaking along Tundo river,

  • mountain climbing and rappel on the gigantic trees,

  • tracking into the Vale preserve,

  • instruction and practice of body surfing,

  • expedition into the settlement of the Embera tribe,

  • excursion by boat to the Waterfalls and Chado,

  • kayaking along Vale River with an output into the sea and Playa Larga waterfalls

  • visits to natural aquariums,

  • hotel insurance.

It does not include: flight Bogota - Medellin – Baiha Solano - Medellin - Bogota; airport tax in Baiha Solano ($4); entrance to the Utriya Preserve ($11); other expenses and additional services not stipulated in this program.
Note: The program can vary depending on climate conditions and logistics.

 Gorgona Island is 30km from the Pacific coast of Colombia, opposite the populated Guapi area in the Cauca department. Since 1984 it has been a national preserve. In the 1950's it functioned as a prison of strict regime where they exiled the most dangerous criminals of Colombia. Gorgona island was discovered by Diego de Almagro, and in 1527 Francisco Pisarro gave it this name in connection with the presence of a large quantity of snakes that reminded him of the witch Gorgona from Ancient Greek mythology. 

G orgona Island is famous for its variety of flora and fauna. Here it is possible to see the nesting places of marine birds, diverse kinds of butterflies, dolphins, whales, white–finned sharks, tortoises. and humpback whales, and you can also see seals, the reproduction of which is related to the Galapagos islands. Gorgona island has a wonderful underwater world of unusual beauty and coral reefs that constantly attract a large quantity of divers, nature-lovers and lovers of the exotic. On Gorgona Island there are about 155 species of birds and snakes. This is a jungle with a very moist tropical climate, frequent rains (as a result, the humidity reaches 90%) and an average temperature of 27C. On the virgin beaches of the island you will be able to feel like Robinson, who was the first to step on the unknown shores.

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 Expedition into the Lost city (Santa Marta). This is a tour for 6 days and 5 nights + 2 nights of leisure in Santa Marta (Rodadero). It is for groups of 6 - 8 people and begins from the city Santa Marta.

The expedition program:

1st day – departure from Santa Marta to the populated point Machete (2.5 hours), from which the hike begins; dinner, bathing in Mamaya river is possible, continuation to the base camp N1, supper. Then there is leisure and spending the night in hammocks.

2nd day - early breakfast at 7:00am, continuation on the way to the N2 camp (approximately 4.5 hours), with a visit to the settlements of the Kogi and Mutani, bathing in the river, arrival to the camp; dinner, bathing in Buritaka river, lecture about the culture of Tayrona, supper, leisure, spending the night in hammocks.

 3rd day - after breakfast, continuation of the way - about 5.5 hours - with a visit to the settlement of the Coscugena; ascending 1183 steps, which lead into Lost City (Cuidad Perdida) approximately to 15:00. After that, there is placement, supper and leisure.

4th day - Lost city (Cuidad Perdida). After breakfast there will be an excursion to the historical and cultural center of the Lost City for half of the day. After dinner there will be bathing in the river, leisure and acquaintance with the moist tropical jungle of the area.

5th day - after breakfast there is a departure to the N2 camp, where dinner will be served and you will continue to the N1 camp (only 7 hours for the whole day); arrival around 16:30 at the camp, supper, leisure.

6th day – breakfast, tour of the Machete settlement, bathing in the Mamaya river, after which you transfer to Santa Marta.

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 Лагуна КокуйExpedition to Sierra Nevada del Cocuy (3 days, 2 nights)  Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is located 10 hours' ride from Bogota, in the department of Boyaca. This is the roof of east Cordillera. About 20 snow-covered apexes with heights from 4900 to 5300 m and glacial lakes compose the territory of the national park. The overall territory of ths national park is 306,000 acres. The temperature varies from 6 to 20 degrees Celsius, depending on the height. The ecosystem is composed of several species of fauna - plain forests, Andes forests, the fauna of the Andes high mountain region paramo, and eternal snow.

 Горные "подушки" КокуйIt is possible to see speckled bear, deer, royal eagles, alpine American tapir, and ocelot. Among the flora, it is possible to see the alpine plant “frailejon” and a variety of mosses and lichens. The safety of the expedition is ensured by the alpine battalions of the Colombian army and the command of our guides and accompaniment, which were instructed and certificated with the Ministry of Tourism for extreme sports with respect to guaranteeing water rescue operations, vertical operations, giving first aid, and psychological training for extreme situations.

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