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   This package is for people who are interested in extreme sports. Santander is the land of unusual views, bright sun, and an enormous quantity of adrenaline. Our expeditions are provided by a team of professionals who are very serious about safety, and for 10 years they have been working in this way. Your life is not a toy; therefore, in this type of trips there is no place for improvisation. The team of guides and accompanying staff have passed instruction in extreme sports and certification by the Ministry of Tourism, on providing safety and rescue operations in the water, vertical operations, and rendering first aid and psychological help in extreme situations. The expedition includes ground transport (Bogota - San Khil - Bogota) in comfortable tourist buses (approximately 6 hours each way); full nourishment (breakfasts, dinners, suppers, snacks); practice of extreme sports; internal transfers; tourist type hotels; insurance; all necessary equipment which corresponds to the most contemporary conditions of safety engineering; and certified guides (English-speaking). You will be able to see the majestic Chicamocha Canyon and national park of the same name. You will visit El Galineral Park, where you will admire the centenary trees covered in overhanging white moss called "angel hair.” You will raft along the Fonse River. The categories of complexity are from 1 to 3. Twelve kilometers from San Hil you will be able to see the Indian Cave - La Cueva del Indio. The cave begins after a descent of 70 meters along rope. You will pass under sounds of flocks of bats and through 3 large halls that are connected by narrow corridors. Toward the end of 1.5-hour tour, you’ll have a charge of adrenaline: you will have to collect all your courage to jump from a 5 meter height into the underground river with a depth of 4 meters, which will carry you out to the surface. Convenient clothing and foot-wear which can get wet is recommended (it’s best to take a change of clothing). Other kinds of sport are included, such as parapent (approximately 15 minutes of flight together with an instructor) and descent by rope along a waterfall from a height of 70 meters, and rappel and canyon descent along a rope into the 60 meter deep canyon. Furthermore, you will make a tour of the picturesque towns of Barichara and Giron, declared national monuments and examples of Andaluzian style architecture. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

All exteme expeditions are made for adults without experience. To avoid accidents while practicing extreme sports we must refuse tourists in a state of alcoholic intoxication, under the effect of the narcotics, with a weight more than 105 kg, cardio-vascular problems, or people who may have epileptic fits, and those with limited moving abilities.
What to take with you:
Convenient cotton clothing, T-shirts, sneakers which can get wet, a small knapsack where you may carry beverages (not in glassware), a dry change of clothing and foot-wear, and sunscreen.

For practicing extreme sports:

 1. Rafting on the Rio Negro, rock-climbing, and rappel

Including: dual descent from a waterfall 75 meters tall, Puenting (a 30-meter descent from a bridge above the waterfall of Barandillas), a 2-hour tour along the canyon, a visit to El Duende cave, a 7km trek on mountain bicycles, and rafting along the Rio Negro (1 hour, the level of complexity is 3-4). In case of changing climate or conditions and impossibility of rafting, this tour can be changed for an equal option.
2. Mountain climbing, rappel

Including: descent (with the help of mountaineering equipment) from cliffs, a mountain tour to the village Sueska, transfers, all equipment, shower at the end, dinner and a guide (English-speaking).
3. Motor sport Enduro near the environments of Bogota or in the department of Boyaca.
The cost of tour depends on the extent of the route and model of motorcycle or quadrocycle. Motorcycle rental, nourishment, and energy beverages are included.


Information for all proposed activities is provided which takes into account the very high demands for safety engineering and includes accident insurance.

2009 Season:                                                                                                                

Baja Orinokia 1000, April 4 - 6. The category of complexity is 4. It starts in Tunkhe and finishes in Puerto Karreno. This race is one of the most important in 2009.

The rally will have only 1 stage of 1000 km. For classification, the international federation of autosport of the BAJA type, BAJA score, and Score International Baja 1000 regulations are used and will give the participants the possibility to use a crew which consists of more than one pilot and the maximum time is 40 hours. This race gives 30 points to winner.

Boyaka 600 is May 23 - 25. The category of complexity is 3. It starts in Duitama, goes to Tensa and returns to  Duitama. The race will be 600 km and lasts 2 days. It uses the Dakar rally regulations. This race gives 20 points to the winner.

Santander 600 is June 28 - 30. The category of complexity is 3. It starts in Barrancavermeca and finishes in Bucaramanga. This race will consist of 2 stages of a 600 km length. It gives 20 points to winner.

РаллиGuajira 800 is August 14 - 16. The category of complexity is 4. It starts in Rioacha, goes through the desert of Alta Guajira, and finishes in Santa Marta. This race will cover 800 km in 3 stages. It gives 30 points to winner. It will be held under the observation of experts from the International Federation of Automobilizm. Vale 600 is November 13 - 15. The category of complexity is 3. It starts and finishes in Cali. This is the final race of the championship, with 2 stages with a length of 600km. It uses the Dakar rally regulations. It will give 20 points to winner. The safety of the participants in the competitions is ensured by constant control from the army and national police. The rental of motorcycles or jeeps is by arrangement. Technical support (truck, communications) is by arrangement.

It is necessary to have: the necessary equipment for enduro is a protective helmet, glasses, racing outfit, boots, kneeguards, elbowguards, shielding waistcoat, GPS, and camel bag. Rental of equipment is possible if necessary.

Recommendations: What to take with you: water, sunscreen, convenient cotton clothing, a change of clothing and foot-wear, and a bathing suit (depending on the zone). It’s also necessary  to have medical insurance for accidents.

The details of rally conditions will be reported upon registration. The application for participation must be turned in a minimum of 45 days before arrival.