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The San Andres and Providencia Archipelago is the pearl of the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Архипелаг Сан Андрес

It is located 720 kilometers to the northwest from the continental territory, not far from Panama and Nicaragua in the Caribbean sea. It consists of 3 basic islands - San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina, and also the group of small isles and atolls.  You can get there by aircraft from Cartagena and Bogota - time in flight is from 1 to 2.5 hours. Usually trips here last 4-5 days.

It is famous for its unusual seven-colored sea and for a rich underwater world. San Andres is for those who are attracted by nature of Caribbean region and history (it is in these waters Morgan pirated, and, they say, he hid part of his treasures on San Andres), or by carefree beach leisure on the gold beaches and the unique Caribbean Antilles atmosphere. San Andres is also a “duty free” zone, so it is possible to acquire perfumes, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, bed linens, and other goods at very reasonable prices.

The population of island is mainly blacks who speak Spanish, English and Creolian languages. The main religion is Baptist. There is a small of Arab population (descendant from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine).

It is possible to dive both to the reefs and to a sunken ship from the 1920's, snorkel, and do all kinds of water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, here.

ПровиденсияProvidencia is calmer. Those who come here are interested in diving (the length of coral reef is 32 km., the largest reef in South America after Belize), nature, and isolation from the civilization - in short, the exotic. It is possible to reach Providencia from San Andres by aircraft (20 min.).

Population of San Andres and Providencia is very friendly. The Festival of Green moon, dedicated to reggae and Calypso is held here and musical groups from many Carribean islands arrive to take part in it. There is also a Crab Festival and a Coco Festival.


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