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отдых за границейSea Voyages along the Colombian pacific are now much more comfortable thanks to the new Catamaran “Nemo” Diving Tours. Simply exotic trips to Gorgon and Malpelo islands, and sea cruises boarding on the coast have been available since 2010.

The ship provides all necessary comforts and has capacity for 12 passengers, with a minimum quantity of 9.

The length of Nemo is 82 ft

Motor: 2x200 Yanmar.

Tripulation: 7, including naturalist - dive master

The ship is equipped with everything nesessary for diving, including 2 compressors for Nitrox

Besides these features, it has 8 cabins (6 double rooms and 2 double deck bedrooms), each with private bathrooms and hot water.

It has a terrace, solarium, two dining rooms, and a chef (serving local and international food).

The ship can be rented as a charter or individually. However, the minimum number for groups of people is 9.

прогулки на катамаранеVoyages on “Nemo” can start from Buenaventura port, Guapi port or another point.

Upcoming trips planned for 2010-2011 are: 

May 7 to 13,

June 4 to 10,

July 2 to 8 , 

August 10 to 16,

Sept 17 to 23,

Oct 22 to 28,

Nov 12 to 18,

Dec 26 to Jan 1st

Jan 5 to 11

Feb 8 to 14 and  Feb 18 to 24.