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Наши гости в кофейном регионеНаши гости в кофейном регионеThis April during the bilateral intergovernmental  Russian-Colombian commission,  Colombia was visited by two representatives of Russian Touristic Business - the advisor to the executive director of the Association of Russian Tour Operators, Yuri Schegolkov and the director of VSK Tour, Yuri Kuznetsov.

With the support of our company and the Colombian organization Proexport, our guests had the opportunity to visit Bogota, the coffee region, and Cartagena.

In the coffee region they visited Coffee Park, a butterfly garden, Cocora Valley, and the traditional coffee farms -  haciendas. They also got the opportunity to “work” as “chapoleros harvesting coffee crops."

In Cartagena they felt all the magic of this Caribbean pearl, walked along it’s colonial streets and learned the hotel base of the city.

Colombia is expecting a tourist boom in the near future, and Russian tourists will be the most precious guests, and they will be many. This is the summary of this short but fruitful visit.