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Colombian Orinokia is the region, called “eastern lyanosy.” It is located in the center of the country. This is the region of moist savannas, with numerous rivers intersecting them, and splendid sunsets. This is also the region of cattle breeding. You will see the herds of zebu grazing along the roads and an enormous quantity of birds, get to know the way of life of “llaneros” - Colombian cowboys - and their national sport “koleo.”    
The capital of Orinokia is the city Villavicencio, which is also the capital of the department of Meta. The city is 2.5 hours from Bogota by ground-based transport. The road passes along the most beautiful mountain views. Bogota is 100 kilometers from Villavicencio. On the way you will pass through 3 tunnels, hacked in the solid rock at a height of 3.010 meters.

 During the trip you will visit the Los Ocarros park, where you will get to know the flora and fauna of the region, you will be able to see tapir, kapibaru, anaconda, and, of course, the main sight of the park – the gigantic armadillo, in honor of which the park is named.

At another park, Las Malokas, it is possible to be introduced to the life of cowboys - to learn to shoe horses, milk a cow, to see jumps on the horses and to get to know the unusual sport, "koleo." It revolves around in the fact that the cowboy on the horse must knock down the running bull, after grasping it by the tail. Furthermore, in Orinokia there are all the right conditions for the practice of extreme sports such as rafting, canopy, rappel, and others. The rivers of Orinokia are inhabited by fresh-water pink dolphins, anacondas and Orinokian caiman. Also, the Indian tribe Uitoto live here. The Natural preserve La Makarena holds one of the natural miracles of the world under the protection of UNESCO – Cano Cristales river. It is considered to be the most beautiful river in the world.  In June, during the blossoming of the special kind of algae, the water of river is coloured in purple, red, violet colours – a majestic spectacle which leaves an unforgettable impression for life.

You can taste here the meat of kapibaru, and also the fried on coals veal - the national dish of region.

This is a trip of several days, with leisure in the hotels of Villavicencio or in the suburban vacation eco-hotels.


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