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КолумбияColombia is the country of two oceans – the Atlantic and the Pacific. And it would be incorrect not to mention anything about the very interesting Pacific region. There is the impervious jungle, with a very moist climate and a large amount of precipitation. The Pacific coast, specifically Choco department, is considered to be one of the rainiest places on Earth. A vaccine from yellow fever is required to visit. Here there are excellent natural parks which are suitable for ecological tourism. The population is mainly black, and they live in small villages. There is also a small indigenous population.

It is possible to get there from Bogota by aircraft to the cities Buenaventura, Cali or Quibdo in 1-2 hours, and from there motor boats will go to the park, or from Medellin to Baiya Solano.

Bahia Solano is 178 km from the capital of the department, Quibdo city. It is possible to get there by aircraft from Quibdo (20 minutes) or by aircraft from Medellin.

It is characterized by virgin beaches of volcanic origin. Going by jeep-taxi along the country road among jungle and waterfalls, it is possible to arrive at the beaches Vale and Almejal. These are excellent desert beaches with high waves ideal for surfing. Tourists are attracted by nature, fishing (here, if lucky, one can catch marlin fish), and observation of the gigantic humpback whales and birds. Observing of the whales is one of the most gripping natural plays. Usually from August until November, after journeying 8000 km, 18 meter giants weighing 40 tons swim up from Antarctica, seeking warmer waters for their young and for reproduction. They swim up close to the coast and they are not afraid of people.

Gorgona Island

Gorgona Island is 56 km from the coast of Guapi. It is unique in its natural characteristics and history. It was announced a nature preserve in 1984. It is an excellent place for diving, with 16 species of corals it has the largest colony of corals in the Pacific Ocean. Marine biologists from the whole world come here. Here you will find white sandy beaches, diving schools, ecological paths, and an archaelogical museum. There ia a museum where there was formerly a prison of a strict regime, known for its cruelty. To visit the island it is necessary to have permission from the Ministry of Nature, and visits are allowed only in groups.

Malpelo Island is a national park with excellent diving. It is impossible to land to the surface of island, since it is cliffy, but the underwater world of the island is incredibly rich. In the coral reefs it is possible to see hammer-fish, moray, whale shark, tunny, and humpback whale.

It is possible to reach Nuki from Bahia Solano by sea transport or by aircraft from Quibdo. There is an airport. There are virgin beaches and moist jungle, various kinds of water sports, such as diving, fishing and surfing, are practiced. Tourists can rent houses on the shore or campgrounds.


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